Where do we come from? Where if we do just the wine?

            We are a very large family (three human, one dog, four birds, a few snails, and eight kittens Siberians) that we are very fond of animals, even humans, that there is any good. And we have decided to mount a catery family.

             We try to breed Siberian cats, because we attracted the appearance of these cats, between wild and sweet, fleshy his character, attached to their human companions, who come to treat us almost like cats, we are trying to change almost like humans. At first we wanted to enjoy the experience of seeing these creatures as a birth, because of experiencing something so beautiful and rewarding, but little by little we realized that what they really wanted to keep this race, not to lose anything that is an asset of nature such as the humpback whale, or any other species that we humans have led to almost extinction, or we will not be manipulated to look almost nothing like it was in the beginning, we do not want to lose its natural beauty, its strength, its force, that our grandchildren can see them and enjoy them and have not lost anything as of now. And incidentally we enjoy the company of some very wonderful animals such as cats.

           As for the name of the catery, another of my passions is the story, taken almost as an adventure novel, and Bardulos or Vardulos a town that was partially saved some similarity to the Siberian cats, these are from the north russia, and Bardulos originate in northern Spain, the Siberians have been forged in an atmosphere as hard as it may be siberia and northern Russia, the Bardulos have done so in an environment as hostile as might be the province of Guipuzcoa before the arrival of the Romans to Hispania, everyone knows the blue Russians, but the Siberians are still relatively little known, as is the case with Bardulos, everyone knows their neighbors Cantabro, or Vascon, but few people know those for the Basques are one of the ancient tribes of modern Basque people, and for the core of the original Spanish county of Castile. And Bardulia lands that were occupied this village north of the harsh and austere, his nation.